Old Metal Crafts, Restored.

for all your nearly called junks.

New Metals for Customization

We have a dedicated division to oversee the works – from skillful design to customizing it the way you want it. It’s always amazing to know we give life to these pieces. It’s always an art form that you’ll treasure.

We’re responsible even to the smaller details.

New Metal Crafts is taking its craft professionally. We understand what makes a beautiful product. And we’re committed to bring that to your table.

Over 800 trademarks made

We have managed to establish our name through this form of art.

Lifetime guarantee

We offer almost lifetime guarantee deals to our clients.

A Partnership: When Metal & Wood Collide

An art of perfection matching authentic hardwood floors into our restoration. Hardwood flooring service areas do the talking for us.

You won’t say a no to our astounding offers

We love what we do and we know you want a team who’s really passionate and well dedicated to take care of your valuable collection.

Our Services

We want it bold, ambitious and non-traditional. Let us know further how our ideas will jive and create a perfect masterpiece.


New Metal Crafts’ Custom Division includes an engineering/design staff ready to assist customers with design and develop metal details. Our engineering design staff prepares drawings and assists in coordination with our craft shop. We do all custom metal projects including metal roofing and etc..


Customers trust our expertise in restoration. Our highly skilled craftsmen restore the most intricate details exactly as originally intended. Finishes are restored to the client’s specifications. We also have our own plating and painting department so that quality control can be maintained.


New Metal Crafts is very particular in handling these pieces. An extra care is given for we know the monetary and sentimental value of an artifact. We offer special deals for these items.